Help, I need feedback for my game

Hey, I made this maze game (TEST PLACE)
I would like you to tell me your opinion about it.
Please tell me if the game idea is good,
the game has teleport detect.

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Hello, the game does not work correctly when I press the green button it goes directly to red so we should perhaps try a simpler solution and for example create levels for each maze because there we have to redo it and start a new one bit bored after also trying not to show the interface of our skin arrived directly on the maze without seeing the base plate and things around

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Hey RealLegend,
this is just a test place which you need to test the system at.
The green button = start point,
The red button = end point,
I found out that on mobile I should just disable the movement so mobile players will be able to play aswell.
Thanks for telling me tho

it’s an honor to help you and to bring. my help :slightly_smiling_face: