[HELP] Ideas Needed For My Group

Introduction :wave:

Hello, I’m Ty, and I need ideas for my new group.
The original idea was a sword fighting group- but I want it to be more than sword fighting.
So far, I’m thinking there will be several facilities and different departments that do different things.

Main issue :angry:

I like my new idea better than just sword fighting, but there is a major issue. I don’t have any idea what the main purpose of the facilities is. Is it some sort of a lab group with researchers? An asylum? I don’t know.

How you can help

If you have any ideas for what the purpose will be, please tell me what they are in replies. I want my group to be fun. If you have any feedback or other ideas for the group please tell me as well!

Thanks for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Roblox Slashers [30 Characters]

Maybe a war game where players train and go head-to-head in battle with AI enemies? Similar to the former concept of my group The Jackal Squad.

I’m thinking of making a gladiator arena, I just don’t know how to tie it in with the rest of the group. Any ideas?

Sorry for late response,

But there is a genre of groups, like “labs or incorporated” groups.
Its basically like one main group then several other departments.
I think this is the genre you are looking for, if you need more context about it, check out the links below;

(I linked the main groups, look at the allies for the different departments)