Help im dont why it dont work to create a bage

Well i want to create a roblox badge but where is the add file it doesnt work (i have robux and premium im dont know if you need thatbut either way) it says that i need 6 robux.

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This is the wrong category to ask.

You need 100 Robux to create a badge.

i have more of 100
sooo yeaaah

what is the category?
soooo yeah

Move this to Help And Feedback > Scripting Support.

If the file adding is giving an error, check to make sure it’s in one of the supported file formats. You said something about that you need 6 robux? Just make sure you have 100 robux total in your account and it should work. If you have 100+ robux and your image is a supported format, could you send a picture of the error.

yes thank you i alreaydy change it to script

well not anymore now i can put the file so thank eaither way.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

no im wrong sssssssssssssssssssssssss

i was in the game pass section

Im wrong he is the picture

You need to choose a file first. Then it will let you buy it, hopefully. Put an image in there then show me if there is still the robux error.

The group that has the game needs 100 group funds so you can buy the badge.

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Ohhhhh wait you are buying this for a group, you don’t have enough group funds then.

Yes i never knew you need funds to create a badge for a group game

No, this does not belong in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. The OP most likely is trying to create the badge in a group with only 6 robux.

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and you right because i chose create my badge for my own game and i can chose a file

so which one can you pls type it even if is already solve but what section it belongs