Help importing a model into roblox studio that is separated

I am trying to export a model from blender which needs to be separated and then import it into Roblox studio while keeping it separated.
The issue is that whenever I export it as obj or fbx it stays together so when I import it into Roblox studio the model is one and isn’t separated into multiple parts so I can’t change the colours and materials separately in Roblox studio.
I tried searching up youtube tutorials but couldn’t figure it out.
Thanks for the help!

Are the parts in blender grouped or anything? And you can only import multiple parts with FBX only I am pretty sure. But to import FBX you have to use Asset Manager and then click the upload button. and then select the file and import it.

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Here is a youtube video RoBuilder made showing how to do this.

Hope this helps!!!


I should have kept on watching Robuilder. Thank you both FishDepths and Gear_Dev, it helped and it worked!
I didn’t use asset manage which was the problem.

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