Help in a shop gui (design)

how can i improve this? (it’s a shop gui, gray would be where the name is, red would be the damage it would cause, blue would be the speed of the attack). Tell me how to improve this, if possible explain it, thanks!


Maybe gradient on the the solid colour or some shading would make it look better.

I tested it, it wasn’t cool, the emphasis was totally on this information and standardized


I feel like there is too much open space. I would suggest making the grey, red, and blue parts a lot larger and maybe you can add a image behind the words that relates to the stat.


The second thing that I’ll like to point out is the 3rd blue spot and the large blue spot to the left. I feel like they blend in to the background too much. You can use this website to help you find colors for your UI. :point_down:


The last thing that I’ll like to point out is the fact that there isn’t a title or a exit button.

I wish you luck on development and I hoped this helped you! :smiley:

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about the vacant space everything is right, I’ll put things still, I’m developing … BUT thank you!

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Looks good but I would make sure to have a close button and maybe a bit of text to tell people that they are browsing the shop and if you can, add a Search function as well.