Help in repairing a car spawner script

Hey there! I am a coder, and i have been on roblox for about 2 years now! :slight_smile:

  • I have created this code for a new game to help [It’s a RP game], and i need help detecting that if there is a car spawned already where the spawner car spawns, then it detects that another car is their and does not spawn the car till the other one has moved, to prevent the game from getting really laggy and people glitching the game.

  • What im trying to say is, i need help detecting if there is a car already there. In the position of the spawner.

CODE: image

– I have tried to make the model [Car] to detect but i can only get a “Part” to be detected.

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I would use a script where if the car is touching the spawn part it will set the ability to spawn the car to false.

also this is in the wrong category this should be in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.


Fixed the selection of where this is placed, sorry for that. Thanks for the help too! :slight_smile:

Would you be able to help me understand a little bit more in discord? – It’s alright if you cannot.

Yes I can PM me your Discord.
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Friend me mine is

DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper#6312

I can see that @DevConX is already helping you. If he solves it, can you please explain what you did, and mark it as the solution? Mainly so people in the future can reference this topic and see what you did. Just a suggestion, good luck!

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Alright, thanks i will do that for sure.

Ill post the script here in just a second once I finish it.