Help in Roblox Studio

Hi Devforum community. There’s an issue i’m dealing with and since there wasn’t a category for this issue i’m experiencing i’ve put it into the Scripting Support section.

In the StarterPlayerScripts I have three folders in there. How do I delete a StarterPlayerScript folder since I have three of them and only want one but I can’t delete it. Help please!


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Hi. Is this problem showing in all games you load into Studio or is it just one of them affected? What happens if you create a new game from the standard Baseplate template?
If the problem only exists in one Game, then I would suggest transferring all of the game assets over to a new blank Baseplate, making sure you copy everything over. When copying the parts/folders from within the Workspace, I suggest Copy & Pasting all of them at once, rather than do a few at a time, as you may find it introduces alignment issues if there are any overlapping parts as you do each Copy & Paste.
If the problem exists even when you create a new blank Baseplate, then under File > Studio Settings, there is an option at the bottom right-hand corner “Reset All Settings”. Try that to see if it fixes the problem.
If the Reset fails to fix it then, I would suggest removing Studio then renaming the Roblox install folder under C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Roblox to RobloxOLD. When you reinstall, it should force Roblox to use all default settings, and should hopefully fix it for you.
Make sure you have know where your RBXL files are saved to so you don’t accidentally lose anything, as that would be soul destroying.
Let us know how you get on.