[HELP] Interior Design Suggestions

Currently working on my CSG skills and building a showcase. I am mostly finished with the exterior shell of the design and I would like some ideas on how to use the inside space.

TLDR: Help me decide what type of furniture/decorations I should put on each of these floors!

If you want to take a look at the place yourself, you can visit the current version of the showcase here.

Kind of going for a modern home away from home vibe (a place you go for a weekend to relax, or something to that effect)

There are 3 floors in total. A main floor, a lower floor, and an observation deck.

The main floor is the largest of the three floors both laterally and vertically. It boasts 1 large window 24 studs across, accompanied by 4 smaller peripheral windows, 2 on either end of the floor. The inner surface of the entire structure is slate, creating a sense of warmth and comfort while also contrasting with the outer smooth surface of the structure. The stairwell is currently the centerpiece of the entire floor, with an accompanying light fixture accentuating its importance in the center of the room. This is currently the only floor with any furniture of any kind on it. It currently holds the central spawn point of the showcase in addition to a modern table setup that I’ve just started to work on (It will most likely be a dining table of some sort unless one of you can give me a better idea).

The observation deck is the smallest of the three floors, with a short ceiling and concave walls which restrict movement toward the edges of the space. The observation deck allows someone to gain an elevated view out of the main oculus, and provide them a quieter, smaller, and more subdued space to reside in from the rest of the structure.

The lower floor resides right below the main floor, and consists of two opposite smaller windows which both look down onto the sea the entire structure floats above. As of now it is the darkest (lighting-wise) of the three floors, and perhaps provides people with a reprieve from the large amounts of natural light let in by the large oculus.

To reiterate for those of you who skipped my incomprehensible jumble of words, Help me decide what type of furniture/decorations I should put on each of these floors!

Any input or feedback is welcome and definitely appreciated!


How about colouring the walls to add some ambience so when you decide on the colour of the furniture, settee, dining table, armchairs, coffee table, rugs, etc you can colour coordinate them.

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Add random boxes, plants, crates throughout the place. Maybe a futuristic computer on the table. Of course(since it is a home) beds, kitchen, and a relaxation place (with tv). Looks good overall! Keep up the work.