(HELP) Is this design okay for Roblox?

Alright, so I am currently working on a game that takes place in the South, and I decided to make my own flag that kind of represents the territory. However, a lot of people have said with the flag I have created look’s a lot like the confederate flag, which is kind of the vibe I was going for since it is based in the south. However, I am not sure if it is okay for Roblox or not. I have already uploaded it as a decal and it has not been moderated, but I worry that someone could take it the wrong way. So my question is that should I stick with this, or completely make a new design?

Here is a screenshot of the design:

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I’m 99% sure it’s fine, it’s a flag.


ive seen roleplay games with the auctal confederate flag, so if thats ok, then this is definitely ok


Alright, thanks! Just wanted to confirm that with some other developers