Help Making A Particle Emitter's Color = A Part's Color

Hi! I want to make a particle emitter’s color be the same as a part’s color. The part is going to be tweening between a variety of colors. I have been trying to figure this out but I have been very stuck. I’ve tried many scripts such as this:

Part.Color = particleEmitter.Color

any help is appreciated!! <33

EDIT: My friend helped me and I figured it out! Thank you all for the help anyways!! <33333


I’m not exactly sure what you mean. If you want to change the ParticleEmitter’s color to the same color of the part whenever it changes use :GetPropertyChangedSignal().

local Part = workspace.Part
local ParticleEmitter = Part.ParticleEmitter

	ParticleEmitter.Color = Part.Color

I think they might be asking to change already emitted particles to a parts color, but I dunno if thats possbile.

why don’t you just tween the particle emitter’s color?

I have tried to do this but it does not work. I think it is because of color sequence.


I just checked the API Reference, you can’t tween a color sequence


Lemme explain what I am trying to achieve. I have a part. This part is tweened to change colors. There is a particle emitter inside of the part that I want to be the same color as the part.


I’m sure you can convert the color to a color sequence like this

local function detectColorChange(part, theEmitter)
   local color = part.Color
   local sequence =
   theEmitter.Color = sequence
game.Workspace.Part.GetPropertyChangedSignal("Color"):Connect(detectColorChange(game.Workspace.Part, ParticleEmitter))

Try it and tell me if it works


This would turn the part’s color to the particle emitter’s color, and even if you switch them the other way around, it would probably error

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You can give your script to change the particleemitter’s color to the same color of the part?