Help making a purchase save and not buyable again

I’m trying to make it to where if they buy it it saves and saves what they buy and they dont have to buy it again unless they dont have it nomore.
How would I implement it into this?

local MainModule = require(Services.ServerScriptService.MainModule)
local SaiyanCombat = game.Workspace.NPCS.SaiyanCombat
local Price = 20

local module = {

	{Text = "Learn Saiyan Style?",
		Question = true,
		Option1 = {"Please", "Alright here you go.",
			func = function(plr)
				local Stats = MainModule.GetStats(plr)
				local char = plr.Character
				if Stats.Zeni.Value >= Price then
					Stats.Zeni.Value = Stats.Zeni.Value - Price

		Option2 = {"N/A", "Alright here you go."},

		Option3 = {"Nevermind", "Stop wasting my time."},

return module
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I add a folder to the player called Inventory and store all bought and equipped items in there. Then that data is saved when it changes using ProfileService.

the problem is i use profileservice for my character slots but yet it doesnt transfer from main menu to main game i would love to use it more but i have to fix that issue