Help making a terrain grid map

Hello! I recently came across an issue with having enormous amounts of terrain in my ROBLOX experience and realised that having a map like @MetatableIndex’s map for Glacier would be helpful for both players and me to orientate around the area, maybe to do duties or in my case going around areas quickly and not getting lost (My map extends to the limits of ROBLOX terrain, which is 16384×400×16384, made with a height map). A simple map would look like this:

Does anyone have any tips on how to develop an easily understandable map?
Thank you for the attention given to the post!


Try to see if this post will help, you can condense the map into a viewport frame… and track player movement:

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That could be good, but only for cash grab games, at the moment I’m making a game where the territory is meant to be unknown unless people have a copy of the chart or have a chart next to themselves and they must rely on their own senses to move, that’s primarily why I set the post in “Art Design Support”.
Still thanks tho.