Help making boat stay above water

So I have a boat, and I want this boat to stay above a part/plane called water. How I do this is by making the water collidable in server but turn collisions off for the water in client. However, when I touch my boat the boat just falls through the water. Anyway to fix this? My boat uses linear velocity and angular velocity constraints to move and I just want to make sure its above the water, just making sure its y position is always the same.


Why are you turning this off for client? Do they need to be able to go underwater or something?

You can set the boats linear velocity on just the X axis.

I guess im confused as to how the whole system is set up , and also what your objective is, if i understand correctly its to keep the boat from sinking or rising above the surface plane of the water?

nevermind, I partly solved my issue using collision groups.

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