Help making Building/Model Moving System


I am trying to make a 3008 Inspired game, and am wondering,

How would I go about making a Building System/Model Moving System like @Uglyburger0 ’s 3008’s?

But I am a beginner to scripting, and have No Idea how to do this.

I tried looking for FreeModels to do this, but none of them worked.

I saw how people were helped on here, and decided to ask.

If you don’t know, 3008’s building system consists of the ability to pick up models and rotate them. I am wanting to achieve something similar to this.


Just to be clear, my game is going to be very much unique, and is NOT gonna be a copy of the Original 3008, I just help with making a Model Moving Script.

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I found something that hopefully will work!

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Ignore this I replied to the wrong thred I apologise


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