Help making firing animation more natural

I’m trying to make a glock firing animation, and I know something about it is off. However, I can’t quite figure out what is wrong.

Ok final animation unless I have made a catastrophic error (Why is the fps so low)

You should make the first part of the animation (where the pistol fires and the arm gets lifted up) faster than when the arm eases back down. But both segments should be faster in general.

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I tried to make it faster, how does this look?

The first burst of animation should be a sharp quick blast, but as the arms go down, it should be slightly slower. Still a good animation, though

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its too linear. it looks like he is just lifting up his gun. make it the recoil part go faster, and on a different easing style (exponential/expo, perhaps)

First tip for beginner animators:

Your animation is too slow.

At 30 FPS the initial “rise” of the recoil should be like 4 frames long. Try it. Other than that make it pause for like 2 frames at the peak of the rise before dropping back down. I’d also make the actual gun tilt back some as well.

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My opinion is that you should make the arms go less up, make them go up fast, and go down a bit slower (but still fast). The bolt also travels very slow for a glock, it should be very quick! (^.~)

Also, just look up a video of an actual glock firing and try to match the timing yourself. It doesn’t matter if each “part” of the animation is only a few frames long since our brains will naturally fill in the gaps.

It is soooo slow you should make it faster.