Help making fog non-relative to player

Hello, I know there are properties in Lighting that can control fog but I would like to have fog non-relative to the player’s position.
For example, I want the fog to surround the city wherever the player may be. Using the default fog properties, if you stand at the city’s edge, you can see beyond.
I know that was a little confusing and long but if you need any clarification you can ask below

You can do that using the lighting property but it won’t gurantee a seemless and realistic effect, how you would to this is to manipulate the fog property depending on where the player is looking.

I would suggest that you make your own volumetric fog system if you really want a seemless and realistic effect.

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And how would I do that?


Good question, I think of it as generating a grid map using a script of your game and then using roblox particles to make the fog effect and then as the player moves you can see where the player is and stop emitting the particles near the player.

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I have a feeling that would be very buggy though and would cause some performance issues on lower end devices

If done right then both these things won’t cause any issues. I haven’t really made any such thing but I am planning on doing so.

For now I don’t think there is any other thingn except those 2 that you can do to achieve the effect you want.

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