Help making player walk in a set path

Hello everyone,

For a project I’m currently working on, I’d like the player to only be able to walk in a set path but still be able to control their movement. For example, they should only be able to walk in a straight line up or down an aisle.

Additionally, is there any way to force the player to constantly face the same direction, no matter if they’re walking forwards or backwards?

I’ve searched on the forums and found nothing useful, so an explanation of how I would go about doing this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Dont actually use the player’s character, make a kind of “vessel” it is way easier to limit movement and rotations this way. What i mean by vessel is a separate character with a humanoid that is not actually the player. give the player ownership of the player and code custom movement!

My situation’s kind of niche, so I don’t think this would work well; the player needs to be able to perform certain functions that may not be easy to do with a vessel. (It doesn’t help that I’m completely stumped as to how to script this)

set paths as in waypoints . to set the path , either have a file with part 1 to x . loop through the file and move the character to the next waypoint when it reach the current waypoint. to lock the character orientation, go to humanoid and set autorotate to false . Then for every heartbeat, set the humanoidrootpart cframe to*,0,1), waypoint.Position*,0,1) .