Help Making Save System like in Get a Snack at 4am (GASA4)

ok so in gasa4 it saves your progress even after you leave. for example, if you slap a store worker in the game and leave, something will be different. i was wondering how I could achieve this. i have already tried using leaderstats and datastore, but it never seems to work. is it because datastore doesn’t work in roblox studio or something else?

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If the datastore code is correct then do you mind checking if its enabled in the Game Settings?

wait do u mean like api and stuff? yeah all of it is on.

Is your code in a pcall so we can see if something is wrong in the console? Also have you tried testing outside of studio?

ok so ive done a little work and I got this

	local private = player:WaitForChild("Private")
	local test = private.Test
	if test.Value == true then

the problem is that it doesn’t print the value even though it’s true. it seems that the datastore is not actually the problem; it’s trying to check the value.

i got it working with badges :slight_smile: