Help making working Night Vision without a gui frame? (Color-Correction, maybe?) [ANSWERED]

I’m trying to create a working night vision in my game. All the tutorials I can find use that stupid frame thing that just turns the screen green. I a showcase that does it perfectly how I want it, and I was wondering how I could achieve this. The uploader has not given any information other than confirming someone’s comment that says the following: “You are just using a LocalScript that is creating a green ColorCorrection in Lighting.” The uploader replied and said he was correct. But when I tried making a color-correction, it doesn’t give the same effect. Here’s the video link: ROBLOX Night Vision [FilteringEnabled] - YouTube


You would probably have to change the lighting with a local script so only one player can see it.

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I know that already, I’m mainly asking how to get the lighting to look the same in the first place. How do they make everything visible when there’s no light? It’s seemless!

Should have already been obvious that its just the Ambient property being changed to green.
Ambient 0,0,0:

Ambient 0,255,0:


Thank you! I’m not very experienced with lighting and stuff like that, so that wasn’t really obvious to me.