Help me about Obby design ideas!

Hello! This is my first Roblox developer post, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes :slight_smile:

What I’d like to ask is this:

I have a game, and in this game, parkour obby are refreshed at certain intervals, and players earn money by trying to complete the parkour again and can buy cosmetics from the cosmetic market.

So far, I’ve created 9 different parkour models, but I can’t think of any more unique and fun obby designs. Can you help me with this?


One would actually be quite hard for some, if not, most players if you decided to add mine, the obby I suggest is a simple obby, but there will be paths that cannot be accessed unless if you script something. For example, a path cannot be accessed as you will fall through it, you’d need to script it so the path will not make you fall through it.


That’s a great idea, I will try to do it!

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Oh and also, maybe if the player is struggling, try giving them the solution for them to the script so they won’t quit your game.


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