Help me choose an icon for my game Train Wars!

Hello again, DevForum community! :smile:

In my last post, I asked for feedback about changing the art direction of my game Train Wars.

Now, I want to change the icon to be more distinguishable and unique from what it is now:

Old Icon New Icon
TrainWars Icon

The comic book style is what I’m looking for for the game, so I tried to maintain and exploit that theme for the new icon.

Which icon do you like better? Would you change the new icon or is it fine as it is? I’m reading you in the comment section, thank you all!! :grinning:

  • Old icon
  • New icon

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also wouldn’t it be better if the text is like this

Old Icon | New Icon
![TrainWars]( | ![Icon](

also I like the new icon more, it’s more cartoony than the old one and has more anime reference

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I didn’t know you could format a table in the forum like that, thank you for sharing! :hugs: