Help me fill space!

Been working on a game with someone, and they built they quick shop area. I wanted to spice it up, and I added some particles, reflectance and spotlights. It feels more complete, but still empty. How should I fix this?


Maybe some carpets, posters, cash register and shelf on the wall’s behind the shop clerk.

Like This?


What type of shop do you want it to be?
It looks very plain and futuristic. Does that match with the game you created?
A little bit of randomness helps, like items on the countertop(s) or moving things like the vendor so they aren’t completely centered and facing parallel to the counter.
Think of real life and how you would imagine a real shop. Think of other items like @darthubz mentioned.

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As @darthubz mentioned, add more detail. It feels empty because you let people focus on the entire area, but with more detail to look at people won’t instantly notice. You should add more depth, if it fits make some cuts in the walls and put a different color there as well as more noise and roughness in the textures. Could add an employee of the month poster, pictures, paintings and more detail on the counter such as some tools and a door for the clerk to walk through. The rug is very important, but if it doesn’t fit make sure to break up the floor in other ways.

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