Help me, i cant find the script that is causing the errors in the output!

Im trying to find the script that is causing the error in my game and i cant seem to find it even if i use the toolbox’s searchbar

so, like i was making a localscript named [Client] Hoops and then for some reason it suddenly disappeared. The error shows up in every single one of my games even though i only made the localscript for a specific game only, it seemed to have spread to all of my games and i cant seem to find/fix it.

im pretty ocd when errors show up in the output so i cant just brush it off and i need it fixed asap!

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no, im looking to delete the script not fix the code written inside it.

Check your local plugins folder at %localappdata%\Roblox\Plugins. You might’ve accidentally saved it as a plugin if it’s happening in multiple places.


Do you remember any parts of the script?

In the studio window you can try using Ctrl+Shift+F to open the ‘find in all scripts bar’ which may lead you to it.


thank you very much good sir, its finally fixed hihi