Help Me Improve this Office Showcase!

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I’ve been working on this showcase for quite some time, but am having a little trouble with filling in some empty spaces. What do you think I should do to improve this build?

For those who are lazy

Place Link:

All feedback is appreciated!


I think it’s excellently built! I like the use of the wood textures and colors used on the inside and outside faces of the office. The canvas in one of the screenshots was pretty creative - good work!

Now, I’m more of an Artist and not a Builder, so my feedback will differ slightly. I hope it helps though!

So I have 3 things:

  1. In my opinion, I think the lighting is a bit too dim for me, so perhaps you could adjust the brightness of your SurfaceLights or PointLights if that’s what it takes. The damp lighting just makes the entire floor space darker hard to see.

  2. I like your use of office themed decorations in your build e.g. the piano and the chess table. However I think 2 pianos is a bit much. Perhaps you could try making a coffee station in the place of one of the pianos, which is up to you.

  3. Also, if you need some ideas on what to add to your build, I’d suggest maybe desks and computers for the “employees” that would work there. You could also add some rooms like a washroom or a private office where the boss would work in.

That’s all - hopefully I have you an idea or two.


I like the overall setting and music it fits well with the entire design kind of reminds me of a president office something similar between those lines, however a few objects placed on the ceiling such as hanging chandelier one that matches with the setting at the moment it quite dull and plain if your trying to achieve an old look office they tend to strive for older paintings or pictures.

The general style employed within your build looks amazing and decent in consideration of its overall environment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an office building that tends to go for a different style, and as such it’s very unfinished at the start the use of materials, are spot on. Try messing around with the lighting to capture a perfect look, something that suits your liking.

I feel like a shelve placed inside the build featuring books, plants, small picture frames could be added not sure if that’s already planned out, but as realistic (in terms of your own building style, the floor could be placed with an old floor mat), a few objects on the desk such as pencil cups, books, potted plants, paper ect. Rather than then it looking dull a idea you got and fitting it into a better environment.


Hopefully this mini-roast helps with your work :+1:

Your use of colors, although somewhat fitting, are very bland and plain. You’re using the same exact colors for ever single details on the wall, even the shelves somewhat. The floor is a slight differentiation of the colors from the ceiling but still have the same issue, bland, repeated, etc.

Adding slight varitations, tilts, imperfections, carpet, dust, debris, anything to make it seem more lived in will get it the impression of not being fake but actually somewhat plausible. Don’t make things perfect exactly, vary it, etc.

The room feels awfully dim even with the ceiling windows/lights? Consider expanding the range instead of inserting plain lights since I think thats you’re issue and the reason why you’re getting a split like look of dark shadows and bright ceiling.

Use of materials are very bland as well with only seeing wood (ALOT OF WOOD) and maybe sand or smooth-plastic material?

Add books into the shelves, having them empty is a no go. Or add other various misc and objects to spicen the mood. Put messy pens on the tables, etc.

Hopefully these advices help you, good luck :+1:

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I honestly wouldn’t focus on filling in the empty spaces before fixing some things.

1.The entire build is too dark
some of the navy blue chairs are hidden in the shadows

2.Half if not more than half of the chairs ingame don’t actually work
What is up with this inconstancy?

3.There are a couple alignment errors on the props used in the map

weird holes/lines appear on the piano if you rotate your camera around different angles due to poor alignment ability

I’d advise unioning the parts
your base model for the piano has a bunch of parts which render over each other, creating the “static” effect which allows for these holes and lines to appear because they are rendering over one another.

  1. Inconsistency in style
    Some of these chairs have really hard and noticeable sharp edges while others don’t. The entire build has no clear artistic direction
    is it trying to be blocky or round???
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