Help me in negate feature in roblox studio plsss

so I want to negate so press the button I want to negate then what i press next no negate it?

no i want to make a hole for a door how am I suppose to do it?

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Select both the negate part and the wall and union them together.


Simply select a part, and negate it until it becomes slightly transparent red, you can then select your target part (which is the wall) and union them together. This should help you out!

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Here is an extremely simple video on how to do it.

What you have to do is select the part you want to union together. One part should be a “NegativePart” as it says in Explorer, and one part should be a regular part.

Select both by using Ctrl + Click (on the part in explorer or in the actual studio) and press Union. Then the negate part should be made into the shape you want.

after negate the part you want, you have to select the 2 parts and make union