Help me make it look better?

I need some help making the following build look more interesting.
That is the entrance to my groups Parrilla, which is spanish for “Grill”.

I personally think it looks bland and boring, I also cannot think what to put on the side.

Note: This is my first ever time building :sweat_smile:

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When I build I usually make a rough version of the complete build first to make sure everything fits well and is scaled nicely.
Don’t get too worried about detail at this point, if you put too much work into it and realize later that you need to change something major it means a lot of wasted work.

Just on a personal note, this seems like a very intricate staircase for a grill entrance.


Some different colors would be nice, like shrubbery and potentially even a small water-related object. Your entrance is mostly grey so I might recommend changing around the colors just slightly and maybe even changing the material to something else.


Maybe add plants, a fence to the stairs and some lanterns. Some natural scenery would be nice.

Looks great so far though!

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for me if it’s good to add a character statue :+1:


just needs a few more materials and a colour scheme instead of that grey alone, maybe greenery on the side :+1:

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Don’t worry, I also started building roughly and badly, but after some practice, I started building better! I can help you with your group and also I can help build your place more better! Stay home, Stay safe :heart: