Help me make outlines for parts or models!

Hello everyone, so today i found this on Bubble Gum Simulator and i found this really cool:

Could someone explain or tell me how can you make those outlines for parts or models?
Thank you for helping!



This video shows how to make cartoony outlines. Not sure if this is what you wanted.


Thank you very much, it is what i was looking for!


Even though this was recently solved. This could be done by using a modifier to accomplish a easier approach mostly known as (Toon Shading). As for future noticed there are threads regarding creating cartoon outlines around meshes or objects, this can be done by using (special mesh) a simple search can find you many results.

If your more comfortable with ‘Blender’ and the curve around it, consider messing around with the modifier as it’s more of a simple guide. There are some existing threads that you could take a look at. Here is a simple guide related to creating cartoony outlines around models see here:

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