Help me this is a real danger?

Hello creators,

I neted your help TODAY i got a message in roblox.
I dont know If this îs a scammer ore a real warding

Here is the photo

I thing this is a scammer.
Help me

Thank you

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Can someone help me? Plssss help

No, it’s not a danger it’s just a bot that steals your robux.
If it’s real, they should have a verified badge next on their username

(Yes, this is a scam and don’t trust these bots.)


Thank You but frist tine i dont belived it thank You i follow u in roblox!

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I would also like to mention that real system messages would look like this:

You’ll also likely get an official email from Roblox as well, depending on whatever the case may be.


No it’s a scam, roblox won’t ask you to buy a shirt for that kind of thing, they will either do it them selves or just ban you

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I can tell by your tone that you are under 13.

Please note that the text below the messages. It says roblox employees will never ask for account info or passwords.

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