Help me Understand why this obby game didin't pick up

The Obbly Wobbly Obby!

Hello fellow Developers,

I am looking for help in understanding why this obby did not pick up.

I did not go the regular route of what one would expect in an obby. I tried to be innovative and put out there something different, doing so I am aware that its a risk doing something different from the norm and can increase the percentage in failing but it also can increase the percentage in success. One feedback that stood out to me was that it lacked a theme compared to other obbys out there. Other than that the length of the obby is about average comparing to other successful obbys such as [NEW] Escape the Bakery Obby! or Escape The Gym Obby!

I would like to hear your take, thank you in advanced.

I have made a post after release to get more feedback, for the most part the feedback were positive feedback

Before giving feedback please do play the game for yourself to experience it.

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There are thousands, possibly tens of thousands of obby games on the roblox market. Trying to be successful in what might be one of most competitive genres, is hard, really hard.


The most “milked” type of Roblox game is simulators by far
the second most milked type of Roblox game is Tycoons
and the third most milked type of Roblox game is Obbies

When you are trying to make a game that has been made so many times, you have almost no chances of getting noticed. there are millions of obby games on Roblox, so even tho it may be innovative and creative, there will always be another just like yours.

maybe try to make something else, maybe a horror game, RPG, you name it.

Also ( I don’t know i can show this video, i’m probably allowed to, i hope Roblox isn’t as bad as bethesda ) This video shows the truth about Roblox and how they steal money from Devs:

And in that video it shows, that you have 0,5% change of getting recognized.
and that 0,5 can be cut in half
either you get recognized for a while and then get forgotten (Loleris)
or you get famous and rich (Adopt Me team)

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