Help me with match making

I need to help with matchmaking. I have PvP game match making system, and in the game, player can use 4 classes of ships. And I have problem, to find good compromise between matchmaking quality and time, because now, I pair (one go to team 1 and another to team 2) the players by same ship tier and class, but what I need is to put some classes on same level.
So the classes are:
Aircraft carrier (strongest so must be paired to another a.c.)
torpedo destroyer (fast)
battle ship (many HP)
universal ship (middle between td and bs)

So what classes can be paired together?
(It is similar to World of warships, so if you want some closer info to classes, look on some video on YouTube)

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I think that the Torpedo Destroyer and Battle Ship would go good together. The Torpedo Destroyer would be able to make up for the Battle Ship’s lack of speed, but the Battle Ship can tank attacks. I couldn’t understand how you wanted classes to be paired, so I paired them with a stat that the other lacks. Also, you sort of spelled “Battle Ship” wrong. :sweat_smile:

Pairing is, that I put 2 similar players one to 1st and the second to 2nd team, so both teams have similar chances to win.

Perhaps you should make it so that players have to buy classes? Also, maybe there should be levels for the classes, so that not everyone’s stats are the same. This can help you split teams into ranked matches.

Also, I do not agree with the idea of a Ship that has enough power to be named the “strongest”, because this presents the problem of having even more uneven matches.

Maybe you can have teams of 4 instead of 2? Also, if you want to include the A.C, maybe there could be only 1 for each team?

Personally I’d use triple A games like league of legends as an example or overwatch. Normally players can only select 1 character out of the 4 or 5 or whatever, a strategic team consists of a tank a healer an assassin, etc. Id push it to be what is more strategic for the team rather than letting them select anythi g under the sun

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Ya, I already have it, that I have 4 classes in 10 levels and player must buy them with xp and coins.

It isn’t that much stronger, but it have more strategic control style, so it’s harder to control, but it’s more powerful.

Did you understand the topic, or do you want to describe it more. Because my matchmaking is pairing 2 similar ships based on their level and class, and putting them as opponents, so both teams have same material chances to win. And I am asking, what classes can be paired as opponents, because now, pair opponent of td must be td, of ac must be ac, of bs must be bs and of universal ship must be universal ship.
And I need to speed up matchmaking, so I need to help, if I can pair for example td and universal ship.