Help me with my door

I have this building thats nearly done, but I don’t like the door (even though its just a temporary door) and I can’t think of any designs that will make it better because I’m not using a reference. Does anyone have any ideas? I hope the other parts of the build that you can slightly see in the picture will give an idea.
The theme btw is rustic, cathedrals, castles, stuff like that, if that helps.


Im noticing that all your windows are arched so you could have a door with an arch at the top
You also have a stained glass window which is pretty uncommon on roblox so I think you should lean more into that as its pretty by putting a window on either side of the door.
You can incorporate the white beams into the windows if you want to keep them.


This is kinda similar to the first take I did. Was thinking a rectangle shape would better to contrast the arches. I’ll try the arched door again then. I like the stained glass idea though.

The rectangle shape is a good contrast to the arches, but it doesnt hurt to try everything or redo what you already had

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