Help me with my logo design

Hey developers, I am making a logo for my game right now but I feel a little stumped. It has a lot of what I want and looks very good to me but there is just one part that feels bland.

Here is the image. The simulator text at the bottom feels out of place or something just feels off with it. Can you give me any ideas on what I could add or maybe anything else that could complete this logo?


I have a couple of ideas.

  • First of all could could remove it completely, a lot of simulators don’t have the word ‘Simulator’ in their logo
  • You could also add a semi-transparent box around it or have it going across the screen
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My suggestion is to remove the simulator, and add a farming type background.

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The white background is actually just the artboard so on export it will be transparent so we can add anything behind it. Thanks for the feedback!

My advice is to remove the word ‘Island’ since the fact there are island is inferred by the smaller bit that states ’ Floating islands’

If this is about farming on islands, then it may be wise to incorporate some form of island aesthetic into the logo. The wheat head feels somewhat awkward and may be better incorporated as part of the wordmark or as a backing design for it.
The case change for “farming” also feels odd, I would keep a consistent casing across all lines.

Not bad. I would remove the word “simulator,” as other have suggested. Next I would either add a cartoon-ish country background, or put the logo over some cool game screenshots.

Yeah I am planning on putting the logo over a render once we finish more parts of the game to where I can get some good features in that will showcase it better. I’ve been debating recently over removing the simulator text but now I am heavily considering it and will most likely remove it. Thanks for the feedback y’all!

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As people have previously mentioned, I’d either remove “Simulator”… or change it to grey.

Examples of what I mean: