Help Me With My TDX Range Circle Mechanic

hello Developers,I Have Made An Range Circle Which Is Similar To The TDX Range Circle But I Have Only Done The RayCast Handling I Don’t Know How To Actually Draw It Here Is My Ray Handling Script:

local part = workspace.Target1
local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

local numRays = 36 

	for i = 1, numRays do
		local angle = math.rad(i * (360 / numRays))

		local startCFrame = part.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, angle, 0)
		local direction = startCFrame.LookVector.Unit * 200

		local RaycastResult = workspace:Raycast(part.Position, direction, nil, {part})

		if RaycastResult then
			local hitInstance = RaycastResult.Instance
			print("Detected:", hitInstance.Name)

im asking for someone to help me along with the drawing(im not asking for full scripts) watch the start of the video this is what i am trying to achieve.


No One Helps This Is So Sad:(…

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ok soo i have draw a circle but i have a few problems when i collide with the range it disappears but there is a short delay and the ray sometimes detects parts that are far away and this problem

please help

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I have actually made this recently, all you need to use is triangles, however I am currently revamping it

can you help me with it because i can’t figure it out.

make a wedge that looks like a triangle. 3 defined points

ok i will make it in blender here it is :

ok what after?

I made this. Then used code from this to work it out

local wedge ="WedgePart");
wedge.Anchored = true;
wedge.TopSurface = Enum.SurfaceType.Smooth;
wedge.BottomSurface = Enum.SurfaceType.Smooth;

local function draw3dTriangle(a, b, c, parent, w1, w2)
	local ab, ac, bc = b - a, c - a, c - b;
	local abd, acd, bcd = ab:Dot(ab), ac:Dot(ac), bc:Dot(bc);
	if (abd > acd and abd > bcd) then
		c, a = a, c;
	elseif (acd > bcd and acd > abd) then
		a, b = b, a;
	ab, ac, bc = b - a, c - a, c - b;
	local right = ac:Cross(ab).unit;
	local up = bc:Cross(right).unit;
	local back = bc.unit;
	local height = math.abs(ab:Dot(up));
	w1 = w1 or wedge:Clone();
	w1.Size =, height, math.abs(ab:Dot(back)));
	w1.CFrame = CFrame.fromMatrix((a + b)/2, right, up, back);
	w1.Parent = parent;
	w2 = w2 or edge:Clone();
	w2.Size =, height, math.abs(ac:Dot(back)));
	w2.CFrame = CFrame.fromMatrix((a + c)/2, -right, up, -back);
	w2.Parent = parent;
	return w1, w2;
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I knew how to draw the circle but I don’t get how they make it act like it is raycasted I need help on that.

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bro its a raycast. The making of the triangle is the hardest


Sorry But I Am New To Scripting So I Think That The RayCast Part Is The Hardest lol.

with your helpful code made this but i don’t get how would i ray cast this

here is my code i used your function tho i need help on the raycasting part.

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please send me you full code. I need to look at it.

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Ok Thank you For Your Handy Function

i have made it but now i need to figure out how to constantly update it Thank You By The Way.

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