Help me with this annoying error

  • 1. Greetings! As I was working on a ROBLOX game, this error kept popping up!
    Screenshot 2023-01-29 194120

  • 2. No, this was not an accident. I have moved the script. Roblox, however, appears to believe that I made this mistake by mistake. Whenever I encounter this error, I just quit Studio without thinking about my game.

Please help!

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This also happens to me, even if I don’t have Team Create. I also made a topic about it and it resulted of this:

It’s just a bug/problem, and it really does nothing, just ignore this. For me it started like 6 months ago and I still have it, but it did nothing to me.

Simply Click the “X” in the script Recovery for each script, at the new studio startup this errors will no longer pop up

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oof, I didn’t know that there is a button for that! Probably because the panel is too small to show all the buttons

print("Thank you!")

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