Help! My game won't show up in the experience tab and is marked as a ROBLOX place! What do I do?

Help me!

My game Knight Heroes won’t show up as an experience in the experience tab on my ROBLOX group Blazin Games. I don’t know what to do as other players can’t find our game through the group page. It’s extremely frustrating and I don’t know how to fix it.

Again, my ROBLOX game is showing up as a place in the ROBLOX group and doesn’t show as an experience. I can’t even look at any passes of my game due it it not being classified as a “experience” instead of a place.

Please help, this is urgent!

Did u create the game under ur group?

if you did not create the game under your group, you are basically done for since if you want to move it onto there you will have to copy the game as a rbxl and upload it as a game on your group. and also ALL OF THE PLAYERS DATA WILL BE RESET

It was created under the group, but for some reason is a place! Whenever you play the game it’s under the group. I just need to make it an experience so it shows up in the group game tab!

Yes! I did! Every time you play the game it shows it was created by our group. I need help making it an experience so it shows up in the tab.