Help naming my new anticheat (Archived)

I think you don’t need a anticheat anymore because since roblox brought the anticheat company - we don’t need anticheat anymore.

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They might have bought it but it’s still really easy to exploit games.

My suggestion would be naming it “Guardian Anticheat” or something like that.

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This is a horrible perception as the new anticheat will not help prevent against in game exploits more of so the injectors.

So because Byfron (RobloxNewAC) is coming to ROBLOX we should no longer secure our game remotes/events?

Is this the prims of what your saying.

What about Eclipse2.0 because it is a revamp of the original anticheat?

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Maybe, also never mentioned this because things are still being planned out but its a fully recode.

What about Eclipse Remastered?

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One day Bloxy_News tweeted and say like they will detected a exploit app on their computer and instantly banned them - and it will be ip ban - but they could use a vpn but vpn doesn’t work good for them to join a server - so like we mostly don’t need a anticheat - in the future. however I don’t know if it’s done yet.

This will not happen,
A. Bloxy_News has no clue in development, there just trying to gather clicks.
B. You think something like SynapseX a executor that requires a subscription to use will be patched? Your to hopeful Byfron is more or less just a anti-tamper for the Roblox-Client, you can’t patch executors.

Doesn’t it look through computer files and if it detects that an exploit is on that computer, it will instantly ban the player?

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There’s so many ways this could be bypass’d.
Why don’t you think other games CSGO,Val,Minecraft and more haven’t stop exploiters, bingo its not that easy.

Have you ever thought of downloading a exploit on a USB thumbdrive than executing it from the USB drive…

Most anti-exploits don’t account for this type of bypass.

There’s so many methods to spoof a file as-well.

File’s are identified by FileHash’s to sum it up its the contents of the file but in a hash format.

But the problem is Synapse’s hash changes automatically every 20-30 minutes.

There for very hard to detect.

Things like synapse,scriptware wont be affected by the new anticheat.

It will only by roblox time.

leatspeak was never cool

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how about something like Sunrise or HackWall

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But I think naming it should come after the creation

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Thanks for the help!
This post will now be archived and no longer active by me.

Selected Name: Nexon
Stay tunned as the new project will be releasing soon.
This will not be a anticheat this time, but will include mass-moderation.

what do you mean include mass moderation, does this mean that if you ban someone from 1 game it will ban from others

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Yes, not much info will be released for now, as I’m still planning out methods to correctly implement this preventing Nexon-Staff from mass-banning users they don’t like.

If I fall threw with this I will do it correct.

send nexon staff into the game a literal baseplate. - Roblox, that is how you find hackers because they are everywhere in that game

Check this out

try making a machine learning program that can detect if someone is doing it for a good or bad reason

This is a very good idea, but would be hard as Nexon’s AI model would need to classify if a reason is good/bad which all the rouge staff member would need to do is give a good reason to bypass this.