Help Needed | Discord-Roblox Game Verification

I’m wanting to achieve a system where if you’re in a Discord sever and you type your Discord user & tag into a textbox inside the game, you will get something like a boost.

I’ve been messing with the Discord API for about 3 hours and can’t get it.

Can someone help? I don’t have a script, sorry.

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If you mean that you input your discord tag in the game and get a boost in the server then you will need a bot that interacts with the game using the newly released MessagingService Open Cloud API but this would be flawed as you would have no way to verify that the tag being inputted is real and belongs to the actual player so you may want to ask the user to say something on discord to verify their identity before granting the boost

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Take a codes gui for example, if you inserted a code in there, you would get money. So basically an in-game reward.

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Then you should first verify that the discord account belongs to the player and then check if he’s in the discord server, finally grant the reward. You can achieve this with the discord API or by using an API wrapper like discord.js