Help needed in GUI's

Hello, I’m trying to make a bloxburg inspired game. But the problem is that all my GUI’s look very very similar to Bloxburg’s. I have thought of making them different but there is nothing I can add or change to make it different since the concept of the thing is same. So I need help on the question can other Roblox game GUI’s be similar to different Roblox game GUI’s?

To answer your question, they can be similar. Is there any chance you can show us a picture of your GUI so we can maybe give you some feedback on what to improve?


I think your GUI is fine and it can be used, but I would maybe change the white UI since it’s a bit bland. I would also duplicate some UI’s and overlap them to give them a nice effect to them. I would also duplicate the GUI and place them behind your original UI to make it look a bit more advanced.

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Thank you for your suggestion! I was thinking for adding some depth into the buttons and texts. :slight_smile:

One more suggestion, maybe implement some images into your GUI. Maybe create some as well. Here is an example.


I think I will try to make some images at the create GUI (I have shown above). But I don’t know how copyright-friendly Coeptus is.

Try to be original. If you don’t have photoshop to make images, you can use photopea, or pixlr. Here are the links to the sites. or

Thanks! but the concept of something that good has been already made by Coeptus. I have tried different colors, different positions… etc. But nothing looks as good as the ones Coeptus has used.

Alright, no problem. Glad to help a fellow developer.

Thank you for your kind and helpful advice. :slight_smile: