Help Needed: Increasing Session Time for My Obby Game

Hi everyone,

I’m currently developing an obby game on Roblox and I’m looking for some advice on how to increase the session time for my players. So far, I’m sitting at around an average of 4 minutes, but I’d like to keep players engaged for longer periods.

Here are a few details about my game:

Game link: ESCAPE ALIEN OBBY (FUN NEW) - Roblox
The main audience age is under 9 years old (50% are <9)
Main platform are tablets and phones
Average session time graph for the past 30 days:

(Let me know if you want to see more statistics)

I would really appreciate any tips or strategies on how to make my game more engaging and keep players coming back.
Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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Hi, I just played for about 10mins. First off well done. Lots of nice work I like the look of it and the obstacles and hazards were quite varied. It looks great.


  • the bubble chat on the guys giving the story really get it the way. I think using a proximity prompt to show text temporarily then disappear would be much better.
  • it really needs background music/sound to feel like you’re in that place. Maybe different background sounds per area. This is the biggest fault I see. There is no atmosphere without the sound. No urgency is created.
  • small thing. Force field aura property is enabled and on but you still die if you hit a hazard right after respawn. Maybe disable the aurora.
  • I always believed people don’t like dying in obbys. I like obbys where it instantly pivot to u back to checkpoint when u hit a hazard rather than dying and breaking apart. But that’s just me.
  • the arrow pointing in front of you all the time is unnecessary and sometimes gets it’s direction a little wrong. (one of the lazor rooms it was pointing straight ahead but to pass the laser you actually have to go back a little). Maybe have it on where needed and off most of the time. Or on demand if player requests.

Net net pretty good. A few touch ups and I’m sure you’ll get longer playtime than 4mins.
Good luck

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Thanks for the great suggestions! I appreciate your help and will start implementing some right away.

remove the arrow guide its useless


Thank you for your feedback about the arrow guide. I understand that it might not be very effective. Do you have any suggestions for a better alternative that could help guide players more effectively?

For atmosphere, try adjusting the lighting or adding camera shake to your game. Customization options for the map theme might also be appealing.

  1. It feels very dull, and I don’t feel like I’m escaping anything; rather, I’m just playing a poorly put-together obby.

  2. Maybe add a highlight to the character; everything feels very unclean. Highlight always create a nice visual effect along to the character.

  3. The arrow is really just useless, and I would recommend deleting it.

  • On your button section, the arrow gets in the way, halting me from clicking the button in certain areas.
  1. Some of the obstacles just don’t look good and aren’t pleasant to the players eye.
  • Where are the lasers originating from?

Consider incorporating randomly generated sequences, like in Tower of Hell, where the gameplay changes each time.

  1. I can see why all demographics would leave if the gameplay stagnated; it’s just boring.

  2. Nothing innovative is part of this game, so random sequences could boost the player’s time.

  3. Maybe competition along with this, like a bar, to see who is ahead would also benefit you.

the only i can think of is sounds and better ui since the current doesn’t match