Hello! I’m someone who is interested in starting ROBLOX GFX. I’ll be obviously using Blender, and wondering how I would go about importing maps so I can create professional GFX.

The issue I’m having currently is that I’d like to make GFX that has the original game’s map, but Blender does not allow the importing of Roblox terrain. And, if I wanted to make a map that used Roblox’s Terrain tool, it would mean I could not import that map. Would I have to make the map low poly, or is there other things I can do?


  • I need to import the map into Blender
  • I need it to (if possible) use the terrain from Roblox’s terrain tools.
  • I need it to be the original map which has been made in Roblox, not made in Blender.

Blender neither supports Roblox terrain nor you can export it from Roblox Studio. You need to make your own terrain, either low poly or realistic. Try watching some YouTube tutorials on how to make terrains, you’ll learn fast enough. You can import other assets except the terrain but there is no way you can import Roblox terrain in blender.