Help needed on ui

Ok, so me and BloxVurse are a few days from completing our game and we are just polishing stuff off however we cannot thing of any ‘space wasters’ to add to this ui. any ideas?46

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I’d make the item name bigger.


Maybe move the location of the damage


Maybe add a description to it for each weapon

overall looks cool!


I think having a sort of background/texture or a horizontal gradient can do the trick, But in my opinion the UI should be smaller because it doesn’t offer that much of information.

I went and made a small copy of your UI to explain my opinion.

Otherwise well made UI! :wink:


I agree with @JustEpi_c, it looks a bit plain currently. Try adding in textures, fancy fonts and increasing font size.


Making the font fancy, maybe center the font and make it a little bigger. You can also make the axe bigger along with the frame it’s in. You could also put the statistics of the axe under the name.

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Add a description. This should increase the size / space used.

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Move the name in the space of the damage maybe and add a small description e.g “2Mighty5Me”

overall the UI is awesome. Well done :+1:

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Maybe if you move the damage right below the item’s name, it can use all the open space