[Help Needed] Welding Changes Orientation/Position

Hey guys,
So I’ve been building/scripting on Roblox for about 2 years now, but I’ve only just started with welding. I’ll provide a bit of a background on the issue, but the main issue is that when I attempt to weld a specific part of my model, the orientation and position is changed.

So what I’m trying to make is a stage light that can rotate. The model includes around 3 parts (all meshes), but there are 3 parts inside the model named “Connect” and “Hinge” as these are needed for the light to be able to rotate towards a specific angle. Using a weld, when I attempt to connect one of the meshes to the “Connect” part, it completely changes the orientation and position of the mesh, throwing the whole model completely off.

Does anyone have a solution as to how to fix this? I’ve never worked with welding before so this is a big issue for me. I’ll include some photos below for reference.

^ What the light should look like

^ What the light look like after attempting to weld it

All help is appreciated!

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Are the lights a mesh?
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Yup, all of the parts are mesh

are you using the specialmesh or filemesh object? if so, switch to meshparts

Every part in the model is MeshPart, I’ve tweaked it a tiny bit today and the orientation of only one part is changing now (see the picture below). Although its still not at the right angle, its technically working as I can make the light grey part rotate like its supposed to.


heres a GIF of how the part responds when it rotates, so obviously you can see the LED and frame are rotating the wrong way and are also in the wrong position

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I would say the orientation of the mesh in blender is wrong, make sure its oriented right in blender

compare the orientation to a normal roblox part in blender

In addition, make sure to use “Weld Constraints” and not “Welds”


Using Weld Constraints instead fixed the entire issue! Thank you so much for your help (even though it was a pretty easy fix and now I feel stupid xD)

Don’t feel stupid you had no way of knowing, Glad that i could be of help