Help needed with gui textbox feature

Hey there!
I need a little help with a gui function I am making. I want to have a text box where the user inputs an asset id for an image and then that image will be displayed on an imagelabel on a surfacegui. I have everything set up, but I don’t know how I could make a script for it that works. I tried looking up youtube tutorials, but none that i could find answered my question. Here’s a video:
Textbox.wmv (779.0 KB)
If you can help, I will be very grateful! If you have any questions just ask below.
Thank you!

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Would this be displayed for everyone else aswell or just the player?

So I have the tv (display) in the workspace and that will be server sided so everyone can see it. It’s a multiplayer, so I want it to just change the image of the imagelabel on the surfacegui on the part.

Alright, I’ll be working on it. Once I’m done, I’ll send you the model file.

You could just send the script in a script block that would probably be easier and you wouldn’t have to waste time.

its going to have 2 scripts and a remote event. better if i send a file.

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Here you go. Put the TV folder stuff in workspace and put the gui in startergui

TvDisplay.rbxm (7.6 KB)

What kind of file is it? I’m trying to open it but it says I need an app and I don’t have and its not letting me open it.

open it in roblox studio :+1:
right click on workspace and press insert from file

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Ok so my roblox studio is acting weird right now so let me try and figure that out and see if it works then.


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Ok I got it to work thank you so much!!!

No problem, Enjoy!

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