Help Needed with Model Upload on Roblox

Hello DevForum users,

First of all, I want to mention that I am a bit new here, so if I am posting this in the wrong category, please feel free to let me know.

Now, Roblox’s rules are clear and strict, but I want to upload a model to Roblox. I am writing here because I am very concerned that it might violate Roblox’s rules. I want to add character diversity to my game, and one of the biggest diversities is gender. However, I used to handle this gender thing with the normal Roblox boy and Roblox girl bundles. I was going to continue from here, but then I deleted the Humanoid because I added the ControllerManager that Roblox provided to the game. This means that :ApplyDescription() no longer exists, and since this function is not available, I cannot transfer these two bundles to a custom template in any way.

Now, for the details about the model that I will upload: the model will wont visible if character is boy. But if the character is girl, there will be a MODEL UPLOADED FOR CLOTHING PURPOSES on the chest. As I said, Roblox might misunderstand this and can permanently ban me.

Are there any issues with this, or should I just upload it with the hope that nothing will happen?



I’m not sure what’s going on here but, have you tried re-adding the humanoid?

Or remake the bundles in a way that can be transferred to a template?

Actually I didn’t read this part, I just looked at how it’s done and managed the walking system that way. However, if it overwrites the humanoid (i.e., cancels the humanoid’s walking system), then I can go back to using :ApplyDescription() on the humanoid.

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