Help needed with prices on my game!

Hello! I want to sell things in the game but I don’t wanna scam.
So basically in my game you need to work 100 times, each time let’s say you get 1 reputation.
You finally get to 100 reputation.

You then are able to rob the bank, and that bank gives you 2,000 cash.

I want to sell robux but I have a strong feeling I’m ripping people off.

If you get 2,000 in a bank robbery. And need to buy a bomb which cost 500 to explode the vault. How much should 2,000 cash be worth in ROBUX?

I think 500 cash for 15 robux would be fair. Although I suggest you to have about 5 possibilities (As more would get it cluttered). I would say (I made this up pretty quick, make sure that purchasing 10000$ always costs less than buying 2500$ 4 times):

  1. 500 = 15 R$
  2. 2500 = 80 R$ = circ. 5R$ less than purchasing 500$ 5x
  3. 10000 = 300 R$ = circ. 20R$ less than purchasing 2500$ 4x
  4. 50000 = 1500 R$ = circ. 200R$ less than purchasing 10000$ 5x
  5. 100000 = 2500 R$ = circ. 500R$ less than purchasing 10000$ 10x

Can you give some more info on this? Like how to get XP, how much do you get when you earn it. And what’s the purpose of the printers?

To get XP you must go to your job
each time you complete a task in your job you get 1 XP. Your task is to bring a box to a shelf.
there is other jobs that require even more XP to start. The second job will give you 2 XP per task. The purpose of the printers is to print money. You can only unlock it after unlocking every robbery and job. (30 char)

Wow! Nice game.

Can you only get money by robbing?

If so, can you tell me the time it takes to:

  1. Get 100 XP.
  2. Get 1000$.

This will help me balance it.

Nope, you can unlock new robberies, and once you unlock all you can buy printers, give me sec tryna figure out how long it takes to get 100 xp

Got it! 10 seconds to bring the box to the shelf!
10 x 100 = 1000, equal to 16 minutes


How do you earn money, by robbing, by doing jobs, or both? And how would you unlock new robberies?

Let me explain

Let’s say you’re a new player

you have only 1 choice but to start working at your first job.

you work 100 times to achieve 100 XP. You then are able to go to the next job.
after you finish that job you can rob the bank, and receive XP from that. And once you receive enough XP from robbing the bank, you can go on to the next robbery.

Okay, last thing that I’ll need is the rate that they print money.

Example: Beginner printer prints 100$ per minute.

(Could we chat over on Discord as this is getting quite filled with replies of only us two. If you have it of course.)

I’ve sent a friend request. It’s a bit easier via Discord.