Help Needed with user experience and improvement on roblox plugin

I’ve created a plugin that offers free coded scripts and have been providing updates and features to it lately but its been disliked a bit and I barely get any comments of what is wrong or bad with the plugin that I can improve or fix since the only comments I do receive are positive but are also unsure of what is wrong and/or unsure of what people are not liking. Can anyone provide suggestions to my issues and show what could be improved on my free plugin. Plugin:


The gui of the plugin needs modern looks and organization that’s all about it

Can you give me a example of a modern look for a plugin as a free favor or point me in the right direction for free?

You could start by browsing this thread:

But for start, if you have a list of elements of the same type (script names), you shouldn’t use random sizes and colors for them. Consistency and clarity are very important in UI. If you have trouble with choosing colors, use widely available palettes from the internet.

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The sizes are based of the text fitting into it’s space but the color, ok then you can point out it looks like a kids book and someone used crayons to put some sort of life into the names kinda while trying not to reuse the same color close next each other (besides the day cycle scripts). The fact is true that it seems a bit unsorted so I do need to create a sorting system or/and reorder the scripts because when I was first making the plugin I wasn’t really too worry it about at first until now I have at least 4 full pages each with 18 scripts each with at least 72+ scripts in total. The color palettes not sure about it unless I wanted to create category or/and rarity system and create consistency from that besides making it look like a book. I’ve recently removed some of the unnecessary comments from the scripts just so it wouldn’t get in the way in the future of other things. Thank you for feedback.

I’ve recently added category system for all the scripts in the script book plugin. With the new setup it seems to make it easier to manage now but not sure how much the plugin can recover now.