[HELP] New game released but isn't doing so well

My friend and I have recently released a new game called “Wordle Race”, which (as you may have guessed) is based off the hit “Wordle” game, but with a competitive multiplayer aspect.

The game is played similarly to Wordle, but there’s competition to be the first person in your server to guess the word.

In addition to guessing the word and ranking higher amongst other players, you will receive coins, which are used to purchase boosts to help the player guess the word, or win/lose effects (cosmetic items).

There’s also boats in the background that lead to other “islands”, which will host Wordle but with 4-6 letter long words, as opposed to the default 5.

The current problem
Many new players struggle to win, or understand the game concept (our target audience is players 13+), therefore they leave rather soon before accomplishing or exploring much of what the game has to offer.

We also have not made much ROBUX in sales either (~1k made in total), so it’s hard to want to keep investing knowing that something isn’t going right.

I understand there are other things at play too that diminish our success, but I am currently unable to identify them.

Could we please get feedback, suggestions or criticism about any aspect of the game? The game link is: 🏁 Wordle Race [NEW!] - Roblox

All help and contributions are greatly appreciated

Have you tried to advertise the game or post anything about it?

We’ve put around 6k Robux in to advertisements and have a small Tik-Tok page promoting it so far, we’re also trying to reach out to youtubers to help with it.

Can you show what the ad looked like? also try making a youtube channel, Instagram account, twitch channel, Twitter account, and a Facebook page. Maybe also a website. I know a free and amazing website editor

This is the ad, we got a 2.05% CTR

I’m not too concerned with advertising and I have enough ROBUX to dump into it, I’m just concerned about the player base not retaining or generating us any revenue afterwards.

However if 6k is too small of a sample size to obtain such results, I wouldn’t mind going higher knowing that it would be more successful.

Maybe because the ad doesn’t look promising. I think that If you would add text like

Do you like scrabble? play Wordle Race. One of the most unique games in Roblox!

and then also show a part of the real game in it.

Also, try making more social media accounts for the game. It always works.

the game is well made but i also never played wordle before

i agree with Cromat2572 about the ad other than that

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Thank you both for the recommendations, we will try to reach out more and polish our ads

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