Help nudge me in the right direction

Disclaimer: There are no bugs, just need a bit of guidance moving forward
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This is a relatively long post, so if you’re invested go ahead and read.

I recently switched over to Visual Studio Code to work on my new game. I have installed Knit and ProfileService. As I begin this project I just want to know if this is the correct way to proceed, since it’s my first time using the Knit framework.

Current Explorer:

Not sure why but I always start with the data, but inside src > server > Services I have a module script called DataService. I debated whether this would be a service or component since this is the script that will create/ handle their data.

The “DataService.lua” script. It’s quite long but it’s mainly based on the ProfileService Documentation.

-- Services
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

-- Modules
local Knit = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Common"):WaitForChild("Knit"))
local UserData = require(script.Parent.Parent:WaitForChild("Module"):WaitForChild("DataTable"))
local ProfileService = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Common"):WaitForChild("ProfileService"))

local DataService = Knit.CreateService{
    Name = "DataService",
    Client = {},

local ProfileStore = ProfileService.GetProfileStore(

local Profiles = {}

function CreateProfile(player)
    local profile = ProfileStore:LoadProfileAsync("Player_"..player.UserId)
    if profile then
        profile:Reconcile() -- Fills missing variables from UserData
        profile:ListenToRelease(function() -- If profile is loaded in another Roblox Server
            Profiles[player] = nil

        if player:IsDescendantOf(Players) then
            Profiles[player] = profile -- Profile Loaded
            profile:Release() -- Player Left before their profile loaded

        player:Kick() -- Another server was loading the profile at the same time

function RemoveProfile(player)
    local profile = Profiles[player]
    if profile then

function DataService:KnitInit()

    -- Player Events

    -- Safety 
    for _, player in ipairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do -- Just incase player spawns before script runs
       task.spawn(CreateProfile, player)

    game:BindToClose(function() -- If game closes/ Shuts down 
        for _, player in ipairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do 
            task.spawn(CreateProfile, player)

function DataService:KnitStart()
    -- Not sure if this is needed :/

return DataService

My questions are:
Are there any bad habits or things I should remove or refrain from doing?
Let’s say I start creating functions like AddCoins or AddToInv would I do it in this script or components folder?
Is this the best way to move forward?
Any tips/ suggestions?

Extra stuff on my mind

I was debating on whether I should post this since I know it will get mixed reactions, but I’ve been sitting here for hours just looking reading through others’ posts. The annoying thing is that I’m a visual learner, so reading documents sometimes doesn’t make sense whereas if you show me a visual representation, I would. Just to end, I would like to say thank you for reading this all, I really want to carry on scripting and feel like I’m asking stupid questions like this. Appreciate your time and help! :smiley: