Help on a club Im making

Hey guys so Im making this club, but I feel like Im doing something wrong or something is missing.

You can ask below if you want a different picture angle
also don’t mind the club name thats just a placeholder text

after some feedback:


Simply too much neon bricks. That’s all I can say.

Is something like this better or should I change the color to something different

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You need to texture the surfaces more imo. The walls and pillars are quite plain, try to make them look more interesting. Also, try to make the building have a taller roof. This does not have to be open and used, but just for aesthetical reasons.

Edit: with textures, i do not mean roblox decals and textures. I mean to add more parts in different color shades to create depth and a more appealing look.

That definitely looks better. It isn’t good to have too much neon, especially if it’s in a color like a blue that can make your eyes hurt a little bit if there’s too much of it.

And, as gamer0648 mentioned, the pillars and walls are a bit too plain, but it’s more the pillars then the walls for me.

But, the build is pretty impressive. Good job! I think that the final product will look nice. :+1:


Well im gonna make the roof bigger and stuff but im saying the front design of the club so ill try to beef up those pillars

Yeah, in my opinion, with these builds its kind of the more parts the better (Not to the point where it causes a lot of lag ofc.). Good luck!

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The neon at the door is too overpowering and the color doesn’t really suit it.

something like this maybe? im kinda stumped on what to add to the pillars

What do you think I should add to the walls

That looks better already, but what you could do is make the pillar out of a few different cillinders, perhaps with a transparency and plastic material. You could make it so it goes from thick to a bit thinner back to thicker. Here is an idea:
There is countless of ideas :slight_smile:

Posters, signs, small neon strips?

Could use some point and surface lights to brighten it all up. That should make it look better. I would also change the colors of the neon bricks to a lighter blue

The neon does not look good, the color and placement, also, you need more shape, it looks like a wall with some cylinders attached.

after taking some feedback I now have this

anything else to change/add?


It looks too plain on the outside. Add some posters of the club, some lines, and some plants and normal lights. Give it some windows too maybe.

cut down on the neon and add more interesting details in the wall, make sure proportions are accurate and smaller so it feels better to the player. If the proportions are too big the game will feel very weird

Hello, 3dluc! :wave:

I want to start by saying this build is on the right path, and frankly you’ve done fantastic so far. Something I would like to point out though is that it truly doesn’t have enough spice nor light on the outside, with that I want to suggest the following

  • Adding Streetlamps or Lights to light up the outside, adds more realism and character to the build itself.

  • Personally, I would cut back on some of the neon and is can be overwhelming in some builds, and this one I suggest that you cut back on just a little neon.

Overall, this is a fantastic build and I love the shapes! Keep up the good work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happy Building!

Hey so are you giving me feedback on the original or did you scroll down to the recent one

I am giving you feedback on both, personally.