Help on "advanced" bevels and weird parts

  • I’m trying to make smooth bevel parts to make tatooine huts but i’m not sure how to get the same
    smoothness on parts as limbs have (r6), This method would require the houses to be enter-able though.
  • I can quite seem to get these bevels

  • I’ve tried unions and using humanoid parts but unions dont look right and humanoid parts are un-enterable.

Use blender or a similar program for this. Those are most likely a mesh.

Can you go in those buildings? If not chances are the entire building is a mesh. Its a lot easier to achieve that effect in blender as opposed to using unions.

I’ve always wanted to go to blender but it seemed very difficult, Could you send some tutorials to help me achieve this?

There is probably a lot on youtube specifically for ROBLOX. However on the forum i came across this Blender Basics And Export Guide. Any search of “Blender” brings up loads of resources and tutorials that could help.

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